November 05, 2005

Thousands join hunts despite ban

New Labours attempts to ban hunting as a sop to it's back benchers seems to have backfired as thousands join hunts despite ban. Huntsmen are using clever little loopholes, like using the dogs to flush out a fox for a bird of prey, to continue the centuries old tradition. Good, the ban was only ever used as a way of New Labour keeping the old Labour party members on it's back benches in line with a bit of anti-rural prejudice. Quite frankly I expect the Tyrant Blair is pleased as well, with hunting continuing he can continue to use it as a way of corralling the socialists into doing his bidding as before. Had the ban actually worked he would have had to find another way of letting old Labour cleanse it's socialist conscience without messing around with Blair's real, fascist, agenda.


Blogger Snafu said...

Apparently, more people are "hunting" now than before the ban came in!!

6:41 pm  

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